Poems by
Rijoy Bhaumik

A Clue For You

a poem by Rijoy Bhaumik

Now I have been thinking for a while,
And have been waiting to see your smile!

Do you really love me is what I ask?
But asking you IS the difficult task.

So that’s why I write this irate verse,
To rid me off this baffling curse.

If you’re the one, you will get the hint,
‘Coz in my eye I have a mischievous glint!

I will not tell you on the face:
That in my heart you take the central place.

So read on and try to unfurl,
If you’re the one, my “special” girl.

I have sent this to all on my list,
But only SHE will get the gist,

Who does not only read but also takes in,
The one purloined my heart, from within!

So here comes the clue, number one:
Tell me if you know, when you’re done.

She’s the one who was born in the year
Of the angry dragon of fear,

Don’t worry ‘coz that’s not all,
Hers is a name that takes a “FALL”,

There went my next great big clue,
To identify the one who makes me blue!

This poem is for YOU, my dearest dear,
In the next line, all doubts will clear.

I have always loved you from the very first day,
You knew THAT, but still held silent “sway”,

Waiting for me to make the first move,
But a loser like me, didn’t get into the groove!

I thought you my friend for a very long time,
Loving you secretly, was that a crime?

You still didn’t get it, and now I knew,
That you regarded me just as a friend, too!

Frustrated and angry, I had become,
Really silly, how could I be so dumb?

How can someone like YOU ever love ME?
Maybe, you and I were never, meant to be!

You think me to be a liar, but that’s OK,
I have never lied to you, it’s the truth I say!

You may think me to be an absolute fool,
To you, I know I can never be cool!

A “wedge” between us, that will never fill,
But for you, even God, I will kill!

I still know that you will never love me,
A futile effort, this was, I can see!

But at least, try and get this bit:
Now, you are “PERFECT”, for you I am not fit.

You will be someone else’s now, and that I cannot bear,
So therefore, inside me a habit has come aflare!

A one that will surely kill me one day,
When it comes, not a word will you say!

I will finish with the biggest clue to date,
Now you will surely know and seal my fate.

A fate, that may be bitter or really sweet,
Break or make my heart in a fleet.

You have already given me one killer blow,
Here is the last clue, and then you will know:

Fourteen and One will now go seven times round,
Do this “crazy” exercise and your name is found!