Poems by
Ridhi Sharma

Diamonds are Forever

a poem by Ridhi Sharma

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,
But I guess, to the boys this does offend.
Boys can use diamonds too,
Because with Diamonds there is so much to do.
When a stone has so much wonder, mystery and intrigue in its heart,
Then why not let all conventionalities depart?
Diamonds as cufflinks ,Diamonds in bow-ties,
‘We want more,we want more’ I can hear their cries.
In watches, in belts and in breast-pockets,
Try it and see,you will not regret it.
No other stone draws so much attention.
No other stone gives the wearer so much tension.
By wearing a Diamond on oneself,
Makes the other feel nothing short of an elf.
The minute I think of the word,
My imagination starts soaring just like a bird.
But whenever one thinks of a genuine gift,
By spending on a Diamond you are not called a spend-thrift.
Diamonds suit every occasion.
Diamonds look good on any location.
Diamonds can be for a lover, friend or Mother.
I guess this is why they say ‘Diamonds are Forever’.