Poems by
Reshma Krishnan


a poem by Reshma Krishnan

All this world is an illusion
A picture in our minds that we create
Of time, of space
A portrait of our lives to hang in a safe place
A mirage of our dreams and nightmares we can’t face
Think about it, you can suddenly erase
All that was sacred and went up your spine
Are you a butterfly dreaming its you
Or is it you dreaming you’re a butterfly
Scary you think, so much yet so little to life
One blink of your eye you are in a different time
You underestimate the power of your mind
Take a journey dear and you will find
A trip, an ecstasy, a self-inducing lie
Your life can be anything you want it to be
You can burn your dreams across the sky
But all you will ever really be is you or a butterfly.