Poems by
Renuka Ashokkumar


a poem by Renuka Ashokkumar

Oh life!
Here I am with my toothless grin and wrinkled face
brittle bones and sagging flesh,
not one bit of strength left in me.

Through all these years,
it has been one grand merry go round.

The sharp twists and sudden turns,
the dreams and the reality,
the soaring highs and the sickening falls,
the shocking violence and the serene peace,
the suspense and thrills, the aimless drifting,
the turmoil and agony, the warmth of happiness.

Yet in this the twilight of my life,
the more I see of you,
the more fascinating and mysterious you become.

I have always thought I have come near,
nearer and nearer,
to understanding your mystique,
with growing fascination,
yet you have always held it back,
back back,
always a little away from me.

I know now, that I can never reach you,
and how foolish I was even to try.

With the time closing on me relentlessly,
like the time bomb ticking away,
I know how ruthlessly you will snuff me out,
sure and swift in your job.

My only request to you life,
even as my dying embers,
become weaker and weaker;
Allow me to be reborn!
Yes! Create me again!
Let this not be my first and last!
Give me one more chance!

Restore me to the cradle,
where I once was,
a small bundle of joy,
with boundless energy,
greeting the world with my toothless grin.