Poems by
Renugadevi R


a poem by Renugadevi R

Time plays a topsy-turvy role
In shaping one’s future.
Yes, Bygone are those days
When I used to sit with
A paper and pen framing “Feedback”
To my professor’s work.
But it is time for me
That I await such a one.
Not knowing whether it will result
In a word of appreciation,
Letting me into a blissful state
Or hint at my faults,
To demean with shame
Made me to realize
The awesome nature of the word
Which created terror and joy.
In spite of all such drawbacks
One always thrives to receive it.
For it helps to know our mistakes
To enrich ourselves with wide scope.
So, it is up to an individual
To endure a “Feedback” in a right sense
And to welcome it with open hands
Whatever it has in store for you.