Poems by
Remya Lara

My Sin

a poem by Remya Lara

There’s no error I cannot undo,
No feeling I cannot live without.
Every day I am a new person,
From the dead sheath that I moult
From mind and body.

For in you lies the power to draw out of me,
The want to be on my feet.
To look past comfort,
Take uneasiness as it was
For it shall accompany for life.

As I live, as you are.

To inculcate a little maturity,
To keep for myself such.
And not be unfaithful to be kind,
Not hurt to understand
Not defy to love.

Wherein lies the balance?
You know and must tell.
If you have been trying,
Make me receptive,
I would learn and not pine.

For things seemingly lost beyond redemption,
Merciful time forths again and again…
I sin! sinned
I keep sinning!
And time heals.