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Double live diamonds

a poem by Ravi

One day I was drowsy
feeling like sleeping
but instead of lazing
I chose to do some browsing

On the mouse I clicked
as the minutes ticked
until I came to the site
on which was advertised
the hand of the princess of Richmond
(yes, the one with the smooth silky long hair)
for the one who would present her
the most exquisite diamond.

My head was in a spin
I felt I had drunk gin
somewhat like a cat on hot tin
to see if I was in a dream
I pricked myself with a pin

I wore a pair of jeans
and before I could spill the beans
I made myself scarce
from that place

I went to Mumbai
to meet Mr.Shah
such was my luck
that all I managed
was to land in the muck
he gave me a tip
and told me to take a trip
the diamond was something
I could not pry
even after giving such a big try

I then flew to Kimberly
to make the diamond mine
all I could get was the beer
the diamond was something
I could not get
even after flying in such a big jet

To the edge of a cliff
I immediately went
a lot of time there I spent
in beseeching Allauddin
to send his genie
to relieve me of my agony

Down came my saviour
answering my prayer
carrying the diamond
sparkling and clear

Holding them jewel so dear
clutching it very near
I made my way back

It was pitch black
the moon was hidden
by dark clouds
the stars were on a holiday
they were not to be seen

It was a dark night
There was nothing remotely bright

Out of nowhere
as if from thin air
she appeared

With a moon like face
and sparkling eyes
she had diamonds in her eyes

Such was my plight
that I stood rooted
I wouldn’t have moved
even if I was booted

An ethereal sight
an apparition
a fairy
or a woman

I didn’t want to know
nor did I care
not for the princess
nor for her hair

for I had seen
what no one had
live diamonds
double live diamonds (her eyes!).