Poems by
Ranjith Puthenmalika

Beside daughter’s deathbed

a poem by Ranjith Puthenmalika

I remember the day in the early spring
When I held you in my hand
On the first day of my motherhood
Your cute little face with brownish little hair
Your subtle hands and your bright eyes,
Filling tears in my eyes which belied my ecstasy
O! my little lovely daughter
How I rejoiced hearing your first cry.

I remember the happy moments as you grew up
The day you called out me vaguely
The day you started crawling, clutching my fingers,
The day you stood up on your little legs
Prior to your first steps of your own

O! my cute little daughter
How could I express my anguish
When I had to admonish you!

But on this fateful day when I hold your hands
Beside your deathbed among all the cacophony of sounds
A strange tranquillity smothers me
Preparing me for those final words
With my cute little daughter
The icon of human atrocity

Farewell my love, farewell my daughter
I know this is the moment
When the world cry and you rejoice.