Poems by
Ramesh - Delhi

When things seem difficult…

a poem by Ramesh - Delhi

When things might, difficult apparently seem
When the road might seem, just only uphill

When you might find, life’s just like a bad dream
When you might feel scared, or feel things c’ud go wrong still

When you might feel, worries that over your head loom
When you might feel, a fear of how to tomorrow face

When you might get, a feeling of impending doom
Or feel the tears flow, and see life through a tearful haze

Just remember, you have someone who loves you just so much
Who will stand by you, through thick and through thin

Who will help, find your way through the maze called life
Who will remove from your path, every thorn that might find

The magic of a word called love, dependable and one you can surely trust
A true friend who would be always there, to help you as he surely must