Poems by
Ramanathan Iyer

The wait

a poem by Ramanathan Iyer

He did not come, I waited… am still waiting
he didn’t mention he would be long
when he smiled his good bye for the dusk
his lavish smile and dusty scent of musk
his auburn groomed hair coming in regular bounces
and fine stilts of golden shingle
he talked well, even was warm
his last words rhymed silently with
the swaying wind and the ebbing tides
as the babble of echo subside
sadly I saw him riding back home…
majestically on his swift steed
he promised he would return early
for there was work to do…
and we had an early day ahead…
ever since then I have lain waiting
as the echoes continued to reverberate
reminding me all night
of all the nice times I had… by his side
his warmth, his stringent heat…
willowy evenings, and windy dusks…
what a time… how can time be so cruel…
so mean…. quick with company and
painfully monotonous in solitude
as I lay waiting patiently counting the ticks
the crickets as they wail and clap
the croaks of the bored puddle…
the clicks of the ceil crawler
and then the sounds slowly stop
the silence comes over
as slow as cruel slow death
a dark, impassive and untalking shroud
the stars casting their sneer…
well at least they are laughing… not weeping
like my patience, which suffers from desolation
or mourns… mercilessly at my grief
my pain and tears bled themselves to sleep… I think
the next thing I remember is that loud sound
the rooster went up to the roof-top
his well trained vocal sacs
filling up with the moist morning wind
with all his might… he called
the crescendo of his full throat…
the air instantly waking up with a mysterious warmth
the shroud tinting into orange and hue
the misty shroud forming a cosy hammock
across the huge oaks that overlook the open seas
I see the tides have turned crimson
with the coming crimson…
yes it was the effect of the steely steed
bringing along my handsome rider
clean shaven and brightly robed
hair, groomed perfectly in the curly cumulus
a sight which makes the expectant, sing…
but I was confused… I like him as much
as the summoner… in fact more
but I lay await the whole night…
waiting in the cringe enclosure
and all the rooster did was
sleep well, wake up, breathe and call
and there He came all and sundry…
yes… come on… wake up…
call at dawn… he comes anyway…
when he came… the rooster called.
Because if I don’t believe in that…
I will lay awake again… looking for more reasons
of why he didn’t keep his words… and come when
I called silently all night.