Poems by
Rakesh Kumar


a poem by Rakesh Kumar

It’s a kind of impulsive initiation,
Then becomes an object of mass veneration,
Seems to last till eternity as it begins,
But fades into the oblivion of the mortal ruins.

Why a mad race for a certain attire?
Why a blind craze for bule and sapphire?
Why a mania to embellish the outer person,
While remaining sombre and ugly within?

Answer ye men!
To what lands of mystery has Fashion lead you?
And what secrets of Nature has it revealed?
How has it adorned your love and life?
And how has it reduced the pain and strife?

Fashion is invention of the Ugly.
Those who are beautiful within,
Are close to The Divine.
Those seeking for beauty without,
Are lost eternally in mirage of glare and shine.
Of no avail is the Fashion,
If it’s not manifestation of my glory.
Of no avail is Fashion,
If it just remains a mask to cover my lifeless story.