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The Man in the Mirror

a poem by Rajnish

He stares at me
I stare back
Looking deep into his eyes
May be hypnotizes
I have seen him before
I recognize those eyes
With darkness around
The sinister colour black
I try not to hate him
Not being a narcissist
I think about his future
I want him to do his best
He is somebody I care for
He is somebody I know
I try to make friends with him
He refuses to share his thoughts
At times it seems he is invincible
And then I feel he’ll crumble
Under the immense pressure he faces
Or the pressure he thinks is immense
But then he is an animal
And shares the traits with others
He can fall with no courage
To bounce back and fight
His instincts make his survive
His lips, his jaws
Reflect determination
His probing eye glisten and penetrates
He peers through the boundary of mirror
Maybe he is the real one
And I, the reflection.