Poems by
Rajita Nair

Depression- Its release

a poem by Rajita Nair

You cast a lonely hollow within,
Grey, black, making that deep dark blend.
You surround me in the most insecure situation,
Where do I turn, a Question
But before much is felt,
You give your evil smirk of a smile
And hold me in that devious grip of yours.

After a long fought battle,
I succumb to your charm- a low feeling of immense loneliness
I huddle myself in one corner of that square
Crying long hours
While you laugh in victory
Of another species got.

Its a pit- you know
You lose your grip,
Whenever you wish to get out
I slipped down so many times
But deep inside
I knew the strength is within,
I rose, once again
I knew no-one would help,
No friend, relative, lover
If I was to survive,
I’d have to get out of your arms myself.
There’s this special thing that works a lot
When you know and realise there’s no one up there to help you,
But only words to re-assure you.
One doesn’t give up hope,
But strengthens himself to face the evil.
Now or Never
And believe me, it works
I don’t fall into depression’s arms any longer
Because he has no strength.
Control is a switch in your mind
Use it, don’t give it to anyone.