Poems by
Rajeev G


a poem by Rajeev G

It was a span of drought
Infecting from village to nation
Each body was drying up first the dermis
Then crept it through veins to bone marrow

Mornings started with search of water
Afternoons with discovery
Evenings they enjoyed by drinking
Thus days ended up in hard routines

Nights they utilised
To make the body wet
They wished to carry that dampness
Even the coming day also

Search had made inside the hearts
Inside the brains and within the self
When it was in vein
Deep search has gone even to the level of cells

When sun was puzzling the intellectuals around
Authorities came out with humanly solutions
Stop urinating stop sweating
Stop the secretion of semen and menses

People of innocent country
Gone further steps ahead
Implemented national agenda of
Eating and drinking their own waste

One old man of that Nation
Whispered with his sore throat
Before he drank the span of death,
“Drought had infected generations to come”