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The Road

a poem by Rajdeep

We often feel
that we are beasts
and beast we are
beast of burden, that is.

Blind and dumb, we serve
someone, who has us
on an endless, infinite lease.

Our backs bend, as low as our knees.
We pray,
“Take the load off, at least for a second,
Oh please!”

Of course, he listens to us not
we keep on dragging our corpse
with the tonnes above
through the days, arid and hot.

We find a shade
or a spring or a glade
and pray to rest for a while.
But the road ahead teases us and says,
“you must walk
mile after mile!”

We look back and see
our footprints, deep as graves
we look ahead
and see again the road
like a mad, it raves-

“Walk you must
if not walk,
them you must crawl on the dust!”

And so we do.
As long as our feet consent
we walk.
Then we crawl, and often we talk
of reaching the goal.

But the truth is naked
and impotent.
There is no goal.
There is just a withered,
wilted end!