Poems by
Rajareshmi S

A Diamond Love Story

a poem by Rajareshmi S

Do you remember
When we first met;
I stood still, mesmerised
By your incomparable looks,
Regal and dynamic,
Yet gentle and petite.
Time stood still
For so absorbed was I.
Lost in wondrous joy.
I stared, standing agape,
But you were oblivious
To my attentions.
I found my thoughts
Floating adrift,
Wondering, was this love?
Is what I am feeling;
Love at first sight?
But what if I am not
Found worthy of your love.
What if my love is spurned
For the attentions
Of one more beautiful than I.
Oh! The thought brings agony.
I cannot now imagine
A life without you.
Your brilliance,your sophistication,
The aura of grace,
Can they ever be mine.
You are the most
Attractive of them all.
The others pale
In the light of your;
Dynamic personality.
I now approach you
Gathering the remnants of
My failing courage.
Hesitantly I touch you
And lifting you to me
I lovingly caress you.
You are mine.
You who are ;
A woman’s best friend;
A gift full of love;
Are now my soulmate.
I am thy slave.
What is a ruby, an emerald
A sapphire or any gem
In your pure presence.

Your multi-faceted personality,
Is a gift of God.
Neither heat nor cold
Can mar your beauty.
You lend grace and style
To those who wear you.
Your sunny disposition,
Lends the sparkle;
To your ethereal smile.
May you always
Be a source of;
Boundless love and happiness,
Such as you have
Become to me, my love.