Poems by
Raj Martin

Dr. Ambedkar

a poem by Raj Martin

Thank You God for the year 1891
When a deity born on this earth
Born in a country where man hates man
Where caste is second to god
Where living is difficult than death
Born in an untouchable family
His society was in bondage from centuries
What he did was not done before him in human history
This life was not even imagined by the
Greatest human doctor Shakespeare
In school, the deity learned through window
Not allowed to touch the water metal
He never took rest but continued his struggle
Abroad, he received many degrees
A dream for untouchables
Gave his people a life which great rulers,
Great men and great government failed to give.
Till death he worked for the downtrodden
Gave them a life of a human
Wrote the Indian constitution alone
He was born to complete
The human theory of pains with success and glory
Men worship the unseen god
But I worship the god who born in 1891.