Poems by
Raj Kuwarji

In Loving Memory

a poem by Raj Kuwarji

‘Give us a smile.
Please. Ah, come on,’
It can never happen!
I just remember her smile,
Beautiful petaled smile.
She disembodied very young
And kept me still sensed
Where my heart were broken.

When I walked through the door
The sunlight peeped in as usual,
But many faces were wet swollen
The lose of daughter, sister and friend
She has attained eternity in flames.
I now retain hidden illusions
Grooving her picturesque images
Wondering over any speculations.

Events are unexpected encounter
And there is a last gesture in life
A very selfish gesture
Secretly abandoning many lives.
I look out at this strange gesture
Visible in life, in heart, in fear
Designed to suck the past
When we walked together happily.

She could be as good
As good as I wanted it to be,
Her gossips in neighbors chanted
Like wind blowing from ships’ bows
Choosing life, choosing hope, choosing family
And persuading surprises for all.
She is still simply swarming
All over the house, lanes and existence.

I cannot attain her-
Woman in flesh, as symbol, as allegory
In my life again, I once talked to.
I can today understand miserableness
Only because life is often affliction.
Is life painful than death?
Even truth is very painful.
But the miracle is that she still lives within me.