Poems by
Raina Satpal Kaur

The Birth of a God

a poem by Raina Satpal Kaur

First I never existed, then they called me barter,
Then I took stone form, but that was just for starter.
They made me of shells, sometimes of salt,
I melted away, they knew their fault.

I was made of mud, I broke away,
I was made of copper, was thrown away.
They made me of silver, their eyes did twinkle,
They made me of gold, quickly was I sold.

They re-invented me again, to get a good bargain,
They made me of metal, quite good to settle.
They shaped me as paper, but that was much later,
They did stop at that, and I was among the GREATER.

I’m used as a weapon, for people to flatter,
I’m sometimes a sword, to make people better.
I’m one of my kind, my names are many,
They call me rupee, dollar, BUT I’M JUST MONEY.