Poems by
Rahul Gomez

Lonely Soldier Boy

a poem by Rahul Gomez

The cold wind blows over a lone battered body
Its wounds tell its story
Eyes open… blank and empty open wide
Once full of emotions… now empty inside
Mouth opened wide… stretched in an ‘O’
This child didn’t want to go.
Arms stretched out as though he had wanted to cling to life
How old was he? How can we tell the age of a child?
So much to live for… yet he died
Around him white coverings on red blankets
All signs of violence covered by Mother Nature
Will his family shed tears?
Another lamb to the slaughter
In a cruel cruel World of FEAR.
So much to live for… so little time
What must have gone through his mind?
As he slowly died?
How did he spend the last moments of his life?
Did he think of his mother… father… children or wife?
As another name goes on a monumental wall
One thought crosses like minds… WHY FIGHT AT ALL?