Poems by
Raghuvir L Chary

My Reshma – a Song

a poem by Raghuvir L Chary

My Reshma, is silk and milk…
The most expensive silk and the whitest milk.

She asked to paint mehendi, on her body
The safron color, on the milky white body.
She asked to paint leaves, I painted heart,
She asked for flowers, I painted the waves
She closed her eyes, while I painted.
She was My Reshma, the silk and the milk

Mehendi was catching color,
and more milky was her body turning.
I set painting and lost time in admiring my Reshma.
Hours passed and the night fell.
Now, the Mehendi was glowing,
Bright, Brighter, And more Brighter…
The moon was out, yet shy to come out.
For It knew that It was the Mehendi catching color and light.
She was my Reshma, the silk and the milk.

It was a new light, spreading miles away,
brought astonished admirers from far away,
It shone like the twinkling star on the christmas night.
I saw that Mehendi was catching color,
I replaced the brush with my hands.
Gave a finishing touch with my own hands.
Hours were lost. Mehendi was over,
yet incomplete, an incomplete
painting. For the Safron was lost in the milk.
She was so fair…
She was my RESHMA, the silk and the milk.