Poems by
Raghab Nepal

Me and You, Star

a poem by Raghab Nepal

Bridge the gap between me
And you star, your glitters
Are driving me insane.
My heart is tough to behold
And my explanations are going futile.
Your twinkles have turned
So dear to me but come close
And give me that heat.
God gave me no wings to fly
But the angel in you have taken me so high
And still you look ignorant about the love within.
My ways in life are dark,
Enlighten it through like a guiding star
And turn me true,
Burn the evils that may still reside in my heart
Where a home have I built for you.
But why do we still pretend
And just smile our love off
In this common air?
And I seem a scared butt
To have loved a princess
Above my grade.