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a poem by Ragamalika

Depressed with the silent monotony of the noisy world, she sat there, all alone, staring at nothing. The room was dark, the thunder was harsh, and she was in pieces.

“Darkness has engulfed Happiness,
Never again can light be seen…
Trapped within, forever and more,
Going, where I’ve already been…”

Her life was just the past. The voices from the future were nullified by the screams from her heart. The world had turned it’s back to her… EVERYTHING became meaningless…

“Happiness has dissolved in darkness
The world isn’t what it had been…
People are just a blur of shapes,
Life is a shattered dream!”

The more she thought about life, the very more unbearable it all became. Nobody to trust, nowhere to go… Everything was a question mark… She needed a full stop.

“The world has chewed up my whole world,
The night stretches for miles…
Life has taken my whole life…
I embrace death with smiles.”

She had had enough with the world which never bothered the slightest. She lay there in a pool of blood – asleep and dreaming. Never had she had such a peaceful sleep. Never again would she be disturbed… Never again would she wake up.