Poems by
Rachita Nemani

The Loss of a Friend

a poem by Rachita Nemani

A single petal from a perfect flower
A single drop of nectar,
The flame of a single candle –
Just vanished with the wind.

Just a while before all this made the scene perfect?
Now its gone and all that’s left is simple imperfection.

Yesterday’s truth has become today’s fantasy,
So, it is the tragic trust of fate.
And thus I lament the loss of a friend
So very dear to me.
I can only pray that the world will treat him warmly and kindly.
But many times I realize
That he being so gentle and kind
Will make the world for someone else.
All I wish is the world will be there for him.

So watch out there.
You could be the one.
The one to get his love
Cherish it, don’t let go
You’ll never get another one
So pure, so unconditional
But, now I say good-bye to him in a happier note
Farewell sweet friend, and remember
My love for you will never end.