Poems by
Qimti Juneja

The Mother

a poem by Qimti Juneja

One summer night, when all were asleep
She kept her lips, complete on his cheek
Perhaps afraid to kiss in the day light
Thus she preferred to love her son
A grown up lad

He smiled in sleep, enjoying the moisture,
Getting cool,
Rolled over, Ignorant of her dreams
Whole night she imagined herself-
A proud mother of a great man

She was innocent,
Yet aware that he would leave the next day
For higher studies, a hundred miles away
Few and far between
During long holidays they both would meet

On those special days
They thought together of coming times-
Not in the distant future
When he would earn and get her the wishes
Full and final to live her age

This winter night, when all are asleep
He is in America reaping fortune
She, in this ‘Old Age Home’
Like others seeking protection and care,
Waits for his return kisses- warm and close