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The Silent Scream

a poem by Puja

What’s life without the ones you adored,
When the ones you loved have walked out of the door,
When nothing remains and all is lost,
And you want them back whatever the cost.

Then you believe that your tears are in vain,
When you ask for joy ,all you get is pain,
Life is described as ups and downs,
but what if all the ups in sorrow have drowned.

Even then they say be optimistic,
The change will come; it’ll be catacly sinic,
All I’ve heard is don’t lose hope,
Somehow with it all you have to cope.

So I disguise my melancholy in jokes and smiles,
To postpone the woe if only for a while,
But the people who care can detect the lies,
As they see the grief inside these eyes.

It’s at moments when you ask ‘Oh God Why me?’
Then you get the answer ‘Then who should it be’
If yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery,
Then does today necessarily have to be filled with misery.

And then they say you should value your life,
Even if there is agony in abundance, in rife,
Believe in God the one and only,
The one who’s responsible for making me lonely.

You need something to send you into oblivion,into bliss,
Where there’s nothing you know ,nothing you’ll miss,
People plan their lives but how can you,
When things go wrong there’s nothing you can do.

Some turn sentimental, some turn cold,
But your deepest emotions you have to hold,
Some try constantly against it to wage a war,
And when they lose the pain is even more.

So just take life when and as it comes,
And just remember you can’t solve all the sums,
There are some things beyond our reign,
When you want the sun u might get rain.

Believe in yourself and strive for the best,
If some are gone, you can live for the rest,
Don’t just fantasize,don’t just dream.
Just keep shouting, THAT SILENT SCREAM.