Poems by
Priyavrat Thareja

My Father where are you?

a poem by Priyavrat Thareja

Till yesterday, I felt blessed by the weight of a hand
on my head, which was so reassuring.
Suddenly, I feel that gone, taking along the might,
which firmly on ground, allowed me a secure footing,

Father! I never felt there was more than gravity,
and only scientific principles were intriguing;
God! I now feel bizarre, as if popped up in air,
while any tiny stoke of air can now put me into despair,
by wriggling me here and there, when you aren’t here!
with no ancestral base left, whose glare none could dare,
I therefore scare to move, away from your abode dear!

My Father, I never realized, your hand was so strong,
physically, for the match of your otherwise thin bearing,
Mere thought of your departure lets me feel flogged,
No my father, you can’t leave me alone weeping!

My Father! My eyes aren’t seeing any longer,
Please come back, be here and let you be seen.
Infact, did I never realize, you always braved
to make that intense flash of light on me opaque,
which has now mercilessly left me mauve,
duly blinded me, and as if beaten dumbfounded,

My Father, I feel my soul having been punched
as you moved on, vacating your throne,
Please reappear, And plug this “Hollow”,
Which you created by withdrawing your Halo,
The gaps are unlikely to be plugged you sure know.

Father! Though no major tear, of a pain of being torn
assorted collage of feelings your parting devoured,
yet with all gay colours gone, I now feel depleted!
ravening of the fabric in me, you voided dourly ago.

While I feel very bare, deprived and incomplete,
Father my life is all-insipid now, leaving no ego!
I bow to God’s systems though, yet this defeat?
Why do they fail me in you and my child’s ergo!

Without you my father, How can I sail solo?
Don’t leave me alone, Father, please don’t go.