Poems by
Priyanka R


a poem by Priyanka R

Emotions should never be revealed
They should be kept only within your heart
Completely sealed.
Because, emotions can never be trusted
They make your brains rusted
And leave your heart confused.
Sometimes, they make you feel used
Sometimes, you feel like a total fool
Sometimes, you feel as though, you’re on cloud nine.
Other times they completely put you out of line
Make you blind
And make you sigh
And you feel as though it would be better to die.
Existence, at this point, feels like a burden
And everything in life seems like a hurdle.
And I come to the conclusion that
Although man is the most beautiful creature
Of God’s creation,
The heart is simply a provision
To pain this creation
(Apart from it’s biological use)
And just left to amuse
Another man’s humour.
Therefore, should you trust your emotions???
P.S. Please be aware of this realisation.