Poems by
Priya S

The Creator of Nature

a poem by Priya S

Once I had a walk,
With my friend to talk,
About the beautiful nature,
And to find its immortal creator.

We walked along the road,
Far away from the city of which we were bored.
It looked as though we were freed,
From a huge prison due to some good unknown deed.

The road was now narrow
On to it’s side, on a tree, we saw a sparrow.
It was building a nest for her chicks,
With hay and small sticks.

Then, we saw a picturesque lake.
We stopped there for our sake
As we were very thirsty and tired.
It seemed as though the sun’s rays were being fired.
I drank the water from the lake,
Due to the long walk our legs did ache.

Then we started to walk on
And to our surprise, we saw a field of corn.
We were near a mountain
Which for long had been forgotten.
We climbed up to it’s peak
Seeing the beautiful scene below we couldn’t speak.

Then we climbed down,
And saw the clouds above which seemed to crown,
The zenith of the mountain which has stood
for years and never moved,
A beach was where we reached at last
The whole day had very soon passed.

We then asked a passerby
“Who created nature?” He replied with a sigh,
“I am sorry folks, I know not who was that guy,
but God’s name is a guess worth a try”.