Poems by
Priya Mouli

My most priced possession

a poem by Priya Mouli

Though I have least cared not to offend,
Thank you for being my friend!
Helping me, my ways to amend,
more than just to mend
Your eyes, with countless words as they shone,
whilst drawing me away from the vice-zone

Never have I felt euphoria and pain,
just as ‘sun thru’ the rain’
nor at the same time, melancholy and ire,
teaching me, these mixed feelings, are not to tire
Instead such experiences are golden,
and don’t come often!

Putting you through the most arduous passage,
only to see you assuage!
Having a pal as you is worth so much,
for I’ve become such
that I no longer covet the bounty,
but only the beauty!