Poems by
Prince of Poetry

I see

a poem by Prince of Poetry

Beneath the look on those sultry eyes,
Behind the veil of those heavenly smiles,
Under the spirit of that eternal bliss,
And ecstacy following her first kiss,
Lies a brave heart of twenty,
Latent in her thoughts dainty,
Through the arteries and veins,
Daubing away all her stains,
If she had any.
She would leave behind everything,
Jump into her thoughts and fling,
Crossing boundaries of reality,
Into dreams,
And thrill herself by flying,
A canary in open pasteurs green,
Across lakes, meanders,ocean,
Wayward but free in its motion,
Finally meeting her half, better or worse,
“There is none to judge here, just the two of us”,
Fly! Fly! Fly!