Poems by
Preeti G M

The Lonely Tree

a poem by Preeti G M

It stood there feeling lonely.
It had its feet beneath the earth,
beneath the ice
and it showed itself to the sky.
Lying under the sun
it poured its leaves facing
towards the ground
to protect us from the hot blazing sun.
When the dusks sends quickly,
the birds to rest,
this tree shelters them safely in their nest.
On a wind of January;
down flits the snow
travelling from the frozen north as cold as it can blow.
There was winter and spring,
I saw it just a little while ago.
The ground was all wet
it was wet with snow.
All the trees and shrubs were dry and bare
not a sign of life was there.
The lonely tree stood over there,
no one was there, to care.
Now the buds and leaves are to be seen
besides the field looked fresh and green.
Pretty birds come back to rest,
and the trees shelter them safe in their nest.
They chirp in the morning,
and with a merry song they sing.
There, I could see a new life in everything
how I love this pleasant morning.