Poems by
Preeth Rodrigues


a poem by Preeth Rodrigues

I came to know the moment I saw you my love
That you were the one for me,
And we’ll be together someday, somehow,
With you, more beautiful my life will be.

I love you…
I love you because

You are the sunshine of my day,
The stars to my nights,
Without you there is No way
For me and my life.

Though we never met each other
And I never spoke to you,
Our hearts will meet one day or the other
And our eyes will speak too

I need you
I need you because

You are the soul of my body,
The vision of my eyes,
Without you there’s nobody
For me and my life

Oh mine, in your love I’m drowning,
With your dreams I wake up every morning,
Oh God, I need someone to love
And that’s why I pray
Please send my dreamgirl from up above