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a poem by Pratip

When the fireflies
Glow in the darkness
And the stars twinkle in
The moon is a narrow strip
That does not light the sky
Come to me beloved
And we shall spend
The night in darkness
Lit by flickering fires
The candle shall flicker
And shyly look at you
Pretending it does not care
But I do
I shall hold you tight
In my arms
And kiss you
Every part
And bury my face
In that twilight zone
Between desire and destiny

For a few moments
Destiny shall be ours
We shall share caresses
Of joy and happiness
Forgetting that
There are other destinies
Which are or could have been
And that the candle shall burn out
And the night of desire will pass
And the real destinies return
To each our own

We shall live those realities
That is ours each
But tonight we shall sleep
In each other’s desire
And may be sleep will
Come tonight
To steal the pains and angst
Until the fireflies flirt
With the stars
And the moon