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It might have been

a poem by Prashanth

Those haunting eyes, disturbing smile
Charmed I was stunned more likely
Not a word passed, not a look exchanged
All it took was a piece of paper with her face on it.

She smiled out of it and into my heart,
I never knew or felt her seep in.
I refused her hand for lack of a spine
And faith in love of a woman that never was.

Maybe she liked, maybe she thought of me,
Maybe she sneaked a glimpse
Of my face, on a piece of paper
I never will know, that she’s gone.

Think of her and wonder how she would be,
In front of me, that deep-dimpled smile,
Dancing eyes and vibrant brows,
Mocking my choice and sense, so it seems.

What would it be to share my dreams,
And dream her own.
To love her faults, adore her anger,
To be chided in her yet unknown voice.

Wonder what she would say in my ear,
When I try and coax sweet nothings out of her,
Smile and comply or demur and deny.
Either would intrigue and enchant me more.

Wonder what it would be to let
Her sleep on my lap, a half-smile on her face
With eyelashes twitching, no doubt dreaming,
While I run my fingers through her hair
And dream that this should be where
They say, “If time stood still”.

Wonder what it would be if the fool
Who now dreams on this paper
Had used his eyes and soul
To accept her and realize their dreams
And not cry over, what it could have been.