Poems by
Prasad Hariharan

A life called love

a poem by Prasad Hariharan

Simple, sweet and graceful,
She was the girl of my dreams;
A delicate flower, a shining star,
There was no one like her in all the three realms.

I loved her like I loved no one,
And cared for her as no one else would;
Wished for her the greatest happiness,
And equated her with all that was good.

She said it was infatuation,
A measured expression from a little-known friend;
Never, though, did she once realize,
How much, to me, it all had meant.

Her love taught me to live life right,
With sincerity and with values upheld;
For just as love, an ideal, is an ideal in itself,
So too are morals, and truth as well.

Her love guides me in every action,
Inspiring me, even today;
She may be far, she may have denied,
But her light still shines bright, to show me the way.

Today, however, as I think of her,
And life reminds me of my great loss;
I feel an unmistakable closeness and oneness with her,
One, that never was.