Poems by
Pradeep Harishchandra

Cause I have done wrong

a poem by Pradeep Harishchandra

‘Cause I have done wrong,
dead wrong…

I know how it feels when you were there
Puts the heat in air when you were near
But I will never know what’s going on below
let it go on now, what’s more left to fear

On the crossroads of life when I was alone
There you came in and made it strong
What was wrong and why you left me alone
Those were the best days of our own.

Don’t you feel the same which
I am suffering from the pain…
Loving all the way from wind and the rain
Praying for the same with my heart and brain…

Everything was swept when there came a storm
That wasn’t the justice when you left me alone
Still standin’ there waitin’ for another storm

Faith and love is like, which can’t be forced to have…
There truth in your eyes says that you still have…
Take me, all my words, I’ll be the one, you made
Until you find me there lying in the grave…

When I look back now…
In glimpses of memories where we left some marks
Marks of unforgettable love, full of true hearts.
Those hearts are same, where some one has changed
Tell me where can I see them again.

Some day you may find me right there…
The place you always wanted me to be there…
I pray to god,
I’ll pray to your loved ones, bless our life better.
Christ is there to care, you better be there…

I’m not the one who can’t fight with this world
I want just you, and you can feel changing this world
I remembered you sayin’, “Why don’t you be practical?”
When I tried real hard it turned voiceless recital.

I woke up from your dream, just for your smile
You hurt myself and still hurtin’ with your smile
But I will never find the bag of flash and crash
Let me also shine the stars…

That’s life, and that’s how it will continue…
Continue to strengthen the bends which two of us share
Difference will be one where each of us replace other
Wish you all happy life

Today I can see, there you escapin’ your eyes…
Is it that way to face truth by closing your eyes
But some day you may realise how I was wrong alone
There wasn’t just someone, where two hearts were involved.

The change in your eyes and change in your tone
And that makes me feel that something’s wrong
But yet again, nothings wrong but me
‘Cause I have done you wrong, dead wrong.