Poems by
Prachi Thareja

To my Mother, with Love

a poem by Prachi Thareja

I remember when I held her hand,
For taking my first step to stand,
Her touch told me, I was not alone,
In the world in which I was going to be thrown.

The first word, which I spoke,
Without difficulty and choke.
With two letters, short and simple,
It was “Ma”, meaning mother, who smiled with a dimple.

I remember how we played together,
Without caring for sunshine or the weather.
Its important to play the game she used say,
Accept the failure and success in same way.

I remember when she gave me,
The best gift of my life.
I didn’t even have words to thank her,
As she had gifted, my little brother!

Now, I have grown up,
Things have changed except her.
We still laugh, dance, sing and play together,
Sharing our joys and sorrows as friends forever.

When she holds my hand,
Her touch tells me to stand,
The morals and virtues she has taught,
My inner weaknesses which need to be fought.

The dreams in her eyes, make me move on,
To show the world, for what I am born.
I want her to be more than my mother,
I want her to be my proud mother.

If beauty exists, then its my mother,
That is why she is so different from others.
She is so special, that my words are less
To say, I love her much more than I express.

I want to thank the God above,
Through this poem,
Which is just for my MOTHER
With all my love.