Poems by
Pooja Amin

A call for the Right People

a poem by Pooja Amin

People come and go they say
Some come from nearby, others from far away.
There are those who make you step on thorns
Who make you frown, who make you mourn.
Yet still there are those who wipe your tears,
Who bring you joy, who take away your fears.
I wonder why my fate hates me,
Why the coldhearted are chained to my soil,
While the loving are forced to flee?
Why do I always love, but receive only pain in return?
Why are people in my life so selfish and stern?
Why is kindness so rare, and rudeness always there?
Why is this distribution so unfair?
Sometimes I wish the right people would stay,
Sometimes I wish the wrong ones would go away.
But I have no power, I have no say
Because my fate won’t let me have my way.
People come and go they say,
I wish the right ones would come and stay some day.