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Time and Its Ways

a poem by Pooja

Somewhere there in the circle of life,
I found a car I could never drive.

She came in my life making me assume that she would leave never,
but I forgot that these precious times would not last forever.

When I first saw her she seemed a mystery,
but I never knew that her friendship would change my life’s history.

We smiled and laughed as we met each day,
that we never left each other astray.

As time soon passed we had formed a special bond,
that our friendship transformed from a puddle to a pond.

Secrets we shared and jokes we made,
and always worked hard to achieve superior grades.

There were always fights due to a contrast of opinions,
yet our friendship always returned to its pavilion.

When my life became enjoyable like a parade,
as time went on I became afraid.

Forgetting that her presence was with me temporarily,
I began to realize that I would lose her shortly.

Then it all happened one day,
she came and notified me she was going away.

She was flying back where she come from,
my pain was so intense that I felt numb.

Never did I know that I would see her again,
and began to wonder how the wonderful times reached their denouement and came to an end.

Yet today I keep her in the depths of my heart,
despite the many miles that make us apart.

Time’s speed cannot be changed,
and the wonderful moments never remain.

Life continues in joys and sorrows,
while preparing us for the given challenges that lay in our tomorrows.

As man follows years converted through the several days,
he looks back and examines time and its ways.