Poems by
Pearl D Godiwala


a poem by Pearl D Godiwala

Deep down in the bowels of the Earth,
In quiet slumber and oblivious of its worth,
Lay the precious one; Till its sleep was stirred,
By turbulent cries of young earth,
By mankind yet unheard;
And thus began its accidental journey to adorn-
Royalty, fame and love from time immemorial to years yet unborn.

Renowned for its fame,
For bringing friendship, fortitude and love as the wise claim.
The hardest substance known to man that bears
testimony to endless love, and makes men dare
To strive for its possession,
And inspired by it do raise,
Pieces of imitation who all praise.

Beauteous in its own right,
Unrivalled to the diamonds radiant might,
While the beauty and glory of the adorned would be worn out
By time, But the diamond would without doubt
Remain to be in the same pristine glory and last
Like a relic of the past.