Poems by
Pavani Kambhampati


a poem by Pavani Kambhampati

Both are creators.
One is the unique power that created human,
other is human who created technology.
It was the belief,
first one did great job by creating the second.
But was that true?
In one, it is, absolutely,
But happened to this creature,
after the development of technology, O god!
What happened to your favourite nature,
been dying in the evil hands of your creation.
No fresh air to breathe,
No greenery to enjoy.
O my dear first creator,
don’t be in the feeling that humans,
in the tight UNITY,
the creator’s creator developed a lot.
It should be like a candle that gives light,
it shouldn’t be like fire that burns things,
where are you god?
Time has come to use your power,
create another magical power for the world,
before you are blamed,
you have made a great mistake by,
creating the creators.