Poems by
Paritosh Sharma

Desert Rain

a poem by Paritosh Sharma

The scorching heat of the Sun I could not stand,
No human, animal or plant to be found on this barren land,
I being the only one in the desert,
No force to save myself, having lost my alert,
Sweaty, burnt, thirsty I suffered,
I awaited relief from this condition which couldn’t be tougher,
I was not expectant of what was to happen,
All my bitter feelings this would dampen,
It started with the sky’s darkening,
Then the roar of the thunder like a storm awakening,
Water drops began to fall from the sky,
Though small in the beginning was this heaven’s cry,
I was joyed so much when they cooled my body and face,
They grew and grew in intensity till my position I couldn’t trace,
I was in the rain lost once again,
This time though I did not go insane,
Finally I could relish the rain,
It drew away all my sorrow, my suffering and my pain.