Poems by
Padma Garudachar


a poem by Padma Garudachar

Oh Mother! Unearth the Fortune buried within you,
And with heat of your Womb matching that of the Sun,
Who knew that the glittering Carbon enduring tremendous pressure,
Came from the deepest depths of the Earth.
It’s a Fortune of unblemished reputation, dazzling brilliant in the Light,
Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, of awe inspiring lustre Bright,
To adorn the Scepter and Crown of the Noblest Kings.

Indra, The Lord of the Heaven, knowing its Matchless Splendour.
Decked his “Vajrayudha” with choicest gems.
He rides the chariot holding his Diamond studded sword,
On the Heavenly March of the Parabolic Arch,
Brandishes the Weapon, amidst the clouds causing
The splendour of Million Lightning.
Oh! Indra splash your sword, for the World to Behold,
The Effulgence of the Sparkling Diamonds.

Here on Earth, the Pretty Damsel holds the Flower Garland,
Waits to meet her Lord on the day of her Marriage,
All Eyes are on the Wondrous Ring,
That decks the Pretty Finger of the Bride.
Is it not Forever the Union,
I am here Forever- Do Rejoice your Union,
The Diamonds seem to Proclaim!!

In the Life of a Diamond
Empires have risen and Empires have fallen.
Amidst the rugged mountains, crossing the treacherous terrain,
Unmindful of the falling rocks, and fording the roaring rivers,
Marching Armies came to the Plains
Is it not to rob the World’s wonder the “Kohinoor”
From the Diamond Throne of the Prince?
Who can resist a Million Splendour?
Indeed the Diamonds are Forever.
Oh! Diamonds you are here Forever.

The Sun Baked Earth, the Poor Farmer ploughs,
Turning the hard lumps upside down
And there at his feet shone a brilliant stone.
Lo! Behold, It was a Diamond of Rare Splendour.
Heavens showered Wealth, as it was the Rarest Gem.
A life of Poverty changed to Prosperity.
Is it a Wonder if the World Proclaims Diamonds are Forever
and Forever the Diamonds?