Poems by
Oliver Fernandes

Nature’s Rule

a poem by Oliver Fernandes

A whisper from God above
And the earth was made
A land covered with water and life
And tall shimmering green glades

Continents abound with the water of life
Flowing over high mountains and vales,
Tall trees standing, Cyclones withstanding
A kingdom with fish and whales

Earth, where species like Flora and Fauna
Live their life in delight,
And where man was once an animal
And the world was a wonderful sight

Nature has her hands quite full,
In the monsoon she showers and swells
Cool breezes blowing, in winter keeps snowing
But sometimes alls not well

I have seen nature shedding a tear
And I hope you have understood why
It’s you that you are hurting by those buildings spurting
And it’s you who’s gonna cry

There was a time, not too late in the past
When nature was a summer holiday
The school’s completed, teachers greeted
In the lovely old season of May

The muddy softness beckons me yet
To play my childhood games
cricket and football and all the rest
o’er the green brownish plains

A pure air that’s now tainted…
By mans devious and selfish ends
A clean ocean soiled, that man has spoiled,
And an end to the mystery that nature lends…