Poems by
Novprio Bose

A Talk with an Angel

a poem by Novprio Bose

Looking at the stars one night
I was shocked by an amazing sight.
I saw an angel coming down to earth,
I asked myself, “What I have done to gain so much worth?”

She came down and sat beside me,
and said, “There are some things I want you to see.”
She then picked me up in her arms and flew,
She took me to a world which was totally new.

I didn’t know the place so I asked,
The angel replied,
“This is only earth dear but its a time in the past.”
I was totally amazed only to be there,
I felt as if god has answered my prayers.

I felt so because it was a different place,
It was nothing like the earth that we have to face.
I told the angel,
“This earth doesn’t has any problems that we have,
the people on our earth have gone totally mad.
People are killing people,
and cutting down trees.
There is no harmony
and there is no peace.
God’s best creation has become his worst,
innocence has to suffer and money comes first.”

The angel looked at me
with tears in her eyes,
and says,
“Your earth is also filled with treachery and lies,
let’s pray to god and open people’s eyes,
and hope that the wrongdoers pay their price.”

The earth we were standing on, was very green,
the animals hopped around and the air was clean.
I asked the angel not to take me back,
as the earth I live in, was totally bad.

The angel said,
“Sorry son you’ve got to go,
there is one more thing I want you to know.
You are the children of tomorrow, so make it a note,
the earth is the boat
that you all have to row.
Row it in the right direction,
make it a better place to live in,
as the line between good and evil, is very thin.”