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Will anyone miss me…

a poem by Niveidya

Give it back, the way you get it,
either that or be darned.
Heaven and Hell is how you make it,
it all depends on how you take it.
Live your life to the limit,
so in the end you have no regrets.
The Rule of Evolution “Survival of the fittest”,
believe in yourself to emerge as the strongest.
Power is what you need,
Pain is what you need to escape
Provoke your strength and then you will make it.
Solitude is a one man thing and that’s why it tastes so sweet.
Sinners and Saints are all the same,
the only one you can trust is just yourself and the pain.
The power to restrain is no power at all,
to suck in the pleasure that is oh so short lived is what its all about.
People are superficial,
people are wrong,
people are perverted,
and only they can prove them wrong.
Loving yourself is a virtue
your mind, your body, your soul,
is your own slave.
People themselves dig their grave
and then ask themselves
“How the hell did that happen?”
Revenge in itself is a sweet pleasure
Tit for tat, Tat for tit,
follow Gandhi and live in vain.
look up the skies and the cold fact hits me,
“Will anyone even miss me if I was to be buried alive???”