Poems by
Nitin Sharma

If there ever was one…

a poem by Nitin Sharma

If there ever was one
You were and always will be

If there ever was one,
and ever will be…
carrying in my heart, a picture frame of someone,
You my dear in that frame, always will be…

The roses in my garden, were but you,
the sunrise, everyday, I woke up to, is you,
when terrifying winds blow across my face,
comforting warm breath, kicking me alive, always you will be…

No one ever so lovable,
no one yet so cherished
as you my sweetheart,
most treasured possession of me, always will be

Love is eternal and always will be,
alas… life is short
If fate but do us apart,
either nether world to I may go to,
your fragrant memories will be always with me,
For you were the one and always will be!