Poems by
Nithya M


a poem by Nithya M

I gazed into the world of
Embarrassing moments, tears,
as they trickled,
nothing to say;
but to only feel.

The world did see me,
but saw them with Disgrace.
Nothing did stop me from that,
It took everything from me:
Love, Affection

As I thought about all this time and over,
I turned to face a man one-legged,
His one side shown to me, and the world

We stood their fighting back EMOTIONS
Staring at each other
Not ready to search words

He asked me with passion
“If it were me!”
My dear one had once told
He had gone for his country

But I saw him here
I wanted to say her
But her very soul struck me
Half with tears he
asked about my dear one,
Hugging me, he said, “I went to bury myself.”,

I know that is my FATHER!!