Poems by
Nithya Krishnan


a poem by Nithya Krishnan

Dark is the night
Brightened only by stars, studded diamonds
Scattered across the black velvet sky
Beautiful, serene, silent. I feel otherwise.
In my moments blue,
Thoughts marred in hues of charcoal
Scribbled by a cruel hand
Could it be?
My sadness reaching unscaled heights
Painful memories of a tumultuous past
Peeking from a darkening cloud
Or just one of those times
When melancholy reigns supreme
Taking over my mind, body, soul
Angst-ridden emotional waves washing my shore
Black-pool eyes stare upward
Wondering… Do wishes upon a falling star come true?
Somebody up there? Something?
But all that stares back an endless desolate carpet of black
Unanswered questions, incomplete queries, doubts galore.